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We're Eager To Support You

Adult Pricing

Individuals Age 12+


Family of Two (12+)


Family of Three (12+)


Family of Four (12+)


Family of Five or More (12+)


We encourage everyone to try our classes regardless of your age, ability, fitness level or background. We offer modifications for everybody no matter what limitations you might currently be experiencing. For best results we encourage you to come at least three times a week. We do not require you to enter into long-term contracts. In fact, our memberships run month-to-month and we do not charge a cancellation fee provided you notify us in writing, 30-days prior to the date you wish to cancel by.

*We define family members as those living under the same roof. 

*Children under 12 years of age are to enroll in our CrossFit Kids Program which is a separate fee structure.

*CrossFit Chippewa Falls does not share customer information with any third-parties.

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