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Back to School Stress

Eek, where did the summer go? This time of year we typically see parents stress out and drop their self-care routine. Here's our top three reasons why that's a huge (YUGE!) no-no.

1. It probably took you a long time to establish a nice grove or, routine. One month off of working out might mean you start back at square one. For many of us it doesn't even take that long, we can get out of whack just by taking a week or less off.

2. The way to deal with stress is NOT by giving up your stress relievers! Even if you don't mentally or physically feel like CrossFit provides you stress relief, we assure you that after a workout you're better equipped to face the stress of the season.

3. "I'm too busy," or "I don't have time" are the oldest excuses in the book and if you find yourself going down that road it's time to toughen up and time to take a long hard look at where else in life you're making excuses and how that's all working out for you.



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