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Consequences of Drinking Your Face Off

Cheers! It’s a long holiday weekend and you can’t wait to relax with a cold beverage and enjoy some long overdue celebrations. But wait, what is it exactly about catching a bit of a buzz that can set you back?

1. Sugar - many adult beverages are full of sugar as are all the unhealthy temptations often found at barbecues. (Even condiments can be ridden with sugars!) As a refresher, here are 146 ways sugar disrupts your health.

2. Dehydration - all the fun in the sun, chips and dip and Coors Light creates the perfect recipe for dehydration. If you don’t replenish properly you’re sure to have a shit workout when you return to the gym.

3. Sleep - alcohol disrupts your sleep and sleep is errything.

4. Injury - any one of the above mentioned consequences or any combination of them makes you more susceptible to injury.

As a side note, in the 18 years I’ve been practicing and teaching hot yoga I can tell you for a fact the only people who have ever come near to passing out in class all have one thing in common; drinking the weekend/night before.

We’re not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but we are saying, everything in moderation.


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