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Why We Love CrossFit Chippewa Falls

We hear it all the time, people want to try CrossFit, but they are hesitant. Usually that's because they have an idea in their head about what CrossFit is, but it's not necessarily accurate. So we asked our members, what they love about CrossFit Chippewa Falls and the answers just might surprise you.

So if you're looking for a fun and supportive atmosphere of family, friends, coaches and community, who love the energy, mental clarity and motivation CrossFit provides, look no further! CrossFit Chippewa Falls offers everything from gaining agility, to bench pressing, burpees, toes-to-the-bar, rowing, muscle ups, competitiveness, in a family oriented environment where no two workouts are the same and you get to pet puppies! Some people think it's therapy, some love getting their butt kicked, others love feeling strong, and sometimes people even enjoy, getting huge! Some say it's life. We believe it's everything that makes up CrossFit Chippewa Falls. Come experience it for yourself, first class is on us.


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