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Essential 1 - Belief in a Higher Power


If we look at this issue from 30,000 feet we can in the least say that if you do not have faith, spirituality or belief in a higher power than the alternative is that we as human individuals can "solve the human condition alone." That our rights and morals are given to us by ourselves/others, government, society or culture and not by a higher power.

For example, where do you turn when you're in need of forgiveness, guidance or support? Do you firmly believe that it's your personal obligation, or someone else's obligation or an organization's obligation to listen, guide or "fix" you?

Society will not listen to the deepest earnings of your soul. Culture, try as it may, can not guide you down the path that's meant for you and only you. In your final moments on earth will you be asking for redemption and acceptance into eternity from the government?


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