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February Challenge Part 4

How are you feeling? Getting up on time? Making your bed? Drinking some water? Hopefully by now you've established a nice rhythm and perhaps you have even noticed you feel a little more accomplished, organized, or just overall, better.

For this final week of February, continue to take action with the first three tasks and incorporate the, Attitude of Gratitude.

Write down one thing you're grateful for each morning. Write it in a journal, on your body, or even on your bathroom mirror so you see it throughout the day.

Reason: You'll feel a lot more calm throughout the day when you focus on things that really matter. In addition, being grateful helps combat the negative, dramatic thinking that often occurs throughout our day and robs of feeling like we have anything to appreciate.

Realize: It might take time but what you're really doing is rewiring your attitude and your mind in a way that allows you to be grateful for big and small things in life.

Retrospect: If you struggle to find things to be grateful for use a resource such as book or journal or even, these 9 apps that can help.


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