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Ways to Catch More Rays

Even my two and a half year old knows that the sun gives us, "vitamin D." If you didn't know it before 2020, then you should know by now vitamin D is a key component of immune health and your ability to fight off colds and flu. With that in mind here are a few tips and tricks to soak up as much sun as you can, while you can.

  1. Take your breakfast, lunch or dinner outside. This goes double for those of you who are stuck inside at work all day with no office windows! Take your lunch break outside, eat your breakfast and/or dinner on your patio, deck or in your grass if you have to.

  2. Go for a walk, hike, bike ride, etc.

  3. Make getting your vitamin D a social event by starting a pickup game of soccer, basketball, kickball etc.

  4. Sunbathe.

  5. Swim.

  6. Start a garden. (This has so many health and lifestyle benefits to it beyond getting you out in the sun!)

  7. Similar to taking your meals outside, take other activities such as reading, listening to music, painting, writing and so on, outside into the sunshine.

Bottom line, if the sun is out so should you be!


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