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What We're Listening To, Loving and Laughing at These Days

What's up CF2? Consider that what you watch and listen to contributes to your mental/psychological health and with that in mind we (Jill and Al) thought we'd share some of what we've been listening to lately in terms of Podcasts. Here we go!

CrossFit Specific

  • Talking Elite Fitness

  • Froning and Friends

General Health

  • The Highwire (Audio as well as video every Thursday at 1PM Central on

  • The Dr. Tommy John Podcast

  • The Doctor's Farmacy

  • Wellness Force


  • V is for Victory (Duh! This is my/Jill's podcast so naturally I had to include it! I have a lot of local guests on, you may recognize them!)

  • The Ramsey Show

We know the options are endless and you probably have your favorites but if you want to tune into what we tune into give these a listen it will give us more to chat about around the watercooler. Happy listening!


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