From Summer to the School Year - Three Tips for a Smooth Transition

August 28, 2018

Living in the moment is great. Not having a set schedule can be liberating. On the flip side, there's much to be said for consistency. Some of the best results are achieved from consistent efforts and often times a little consistency can reduce a lot of stress. As you navigate from the freedoms of summer to the schedule of the school year remember to keep these things in mind. 

1. Set and stick to a realistic bedtime. (This goes for adults too!) People who go to bed late, tend to wake up late. A good night's rest will set the tone of how you feel and function all day long.

2. Test drive the routine. Create and start an evening and morning routine prior to the night before school starts. 

3. Adjust your 'tude. Show some excitement around things like work, homework, school and even working out. Children learn by example and will follow your lead so remain positive even if there's times you have to fake it, 'til you make it.


Last, but certainly not least, building a visual schedule for your family can provide structure as well as help communicate what needs to get done daily. Hopefully these tips help you with a smooth transition that includes continuing your workout routine. Remember, our new schedule starts the first day of school. Click here to view our schedule and reserve your spot for classes.




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