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Is Your Stress Causing Injury?

Many aches and pains are actually symptoms of stress. However, stress can induce more serious injuries including auto-immune diseases (Lupus, arthritis, etc.), digestive issues, head aches, chest pain and the list goes on an on. In addition, stress in your life can make a small injury seem more significant than it really is. So why does all this happen?

Stress makes your body more guarded and less efficient at movement. Your brain can't signal to the muscles properly when there's interference from stress. Not to mention chronic stress increases cortisol levels which decrease your muscles ability to repair and your immune system's ability to function and optimal levels.

We all face mental and emotional challenges from our past, present and even worries about our future. The key to preventing stress from taking over your body and ultimately, your life, is to take personal responsibility for how you are feeling, face it head on even if it's uncomfortable and find someone or something that can be a tool for you to overcome whatever challenges you face. In other words, if you want to feel better you need to learn to deal with your shit, I mean, stress.

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