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Stretching is a huge component to improving your form and achieving gains. If you lack mobility, you'll lack form and if you lack form you'll lack the ability to push heavier weight around. Stretching should be done daily either before and/or after your WOD, is great to do on rest days, will help you gain flexibility and yes even strength, aids in recovery and helps prevent injuries. With all these benefits, we suggest you learn to love it! Here's some ways to help with that.

Stretching Apps. Two common ones specifically for CrossFit are: GOWOD and ROMWOD. Many apps have free trials.

If yoga is your jam you can find yoga classes, apps, videos and audio without looking very hard. Since I'm an instructor I'll take a second to promote my audio classes which range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes long and can be found here!

Ask. Ask your coach, myself, a chiropractor or a physical therapist about specific stretches that address your body's limitations.


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